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STUDENTfacturED® is a real manufacturing-based company run by students that manufactures instructional biotechnology reagents and supplies to sell to college and local high school instructors.



To exploit benefits gained through project-based learning, STUDENTfacturED® provides a mentored and supportive yet real-world working and learning manufacturing environment in which students can practice concepts and skills acquired through accompanying coursework.  Such a training strategy is especially important to the successful and effective learning of quality systems and FDA regulations as they relate to the biotech manufacturing industry. While internships could provide this same learning opportunity, they are not readily available because of the highly regulated nature of the biotech manufacturing work environment.  The goal of STUDENTfacturED® is to prepare students, using contextual and practical training, for entry- and mid- level jobs in the biotech manufacturing industry.



STUDENTfacturED® is a component of the Biotechnology Department at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) where it complements InnovaBio™, a contract research organization (also a company) that accepts real-world research projects as jobs from local companies, using, and thus training, Biotechnology students as the “researchers”.  Feedback from InnovaBio participants indicates that the practical experience was invaluable to reinforcing math and science skills learned in required coursework, and boosting self-confidence as college students and budding researchers.


STUDENTfacturED® is being developed and implemented at SLCC under the direction of Mary Nelson.  Biotechnology Program staff and faculty provide the necessary technical expertise to establish a ‘regulated’ manufacturing environment (i.e. scientific/technical methods and good manufacturing practices).  Both staff and student participants should benefit from this unique learning community.  Students will be encouraged to learn about functions (technical vs. business) that are not related to their declared major.



PROJECT PERSONNEL:  faculty and staff from SLCC’s Biotechnology program

STUDENTS:  also from SLCC’s Biotechnology program

CUSTOMERS:  SLCC instructors/courses; local high school and college instructors;  other colleges



The project was established in July 2010 began training students in January 2012.  While the  STUDENTfacturED® enterprise has only been running for a short while, faculty mentors and student interns have worked hard to set up this unique student-run company and is proud to offer two products for sale beginning July 2013.


Photo credit: Steve Speckman

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Mary Nelson, PhD, InnovaBio & STUDENTfacturED Director and NSF ATE grant DUE-1003292 Principal Investigator


Chloe Cigarroa, STUDENTfacturED Chief Operations Officer